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Business Consulting

After learning the dos and don’t of running an award willing mobile dental office, we have created a guide that outlines our business plan. Along with the guide, Dr. Cowdin will spend a minimum of 15 hours consulting with you about your business plan. This does not include any information on how to build the office or the equipment and materials.

Start-Up Consulting

If you’re interested in starting up your own tiny house dentist office, we’re here to help! We spent 2 years planning and building (and modifying) our office and have learned the tricks of the trade. We will build you a custom tiny house dental office plumbed and and powered. We advise you on all equipment and will help you through the purchase and install. Our offices are solar powered and ready to roll. Dr. Cowdin acts as the general contractor for your office and will provide you a completed office that has all the latest updates and improvements!


Your very own tiny house office in your city, under our brand and guidance. We will build the office to our standards and assist you in getting rolling and maintaining our level of customer and dental service!

Email to discuss any of these opportunities further!